The Purpose of Sports Massage Therapy

The Purpose of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy is to designed to enhance athletic performance and can be used in almost any sport. The modern athlete is always in search of that extra edge (marginal gains) to overcome their competitors. Although Sports Massage can be used anytime, its mainly used for;
•  Before sporting event massage –  is used to stimulate you mentally and physically prior to competition.

 After sporting event massage – is performed after hard training or an event to ease the tired aching muscles,remove waste products, and enhance recovery following demanding exercise.

•  Injury prevention – regular massage used to identify and eliminate potential injurious tissues.

•  Sports injuries – techniques can be used at various stages of healing to enhance the natural healing process.

The best recovery enables optimum training

As training loads increase, a point is reached where the body is no longer able to fully recover between sessions, and performance may level off and eventually decline. The symptoms of incomplete recovery of the musculoskeletal system are muscle pain, joint pain, tendon and bursa inflammation. Sports Massage can help speed-up recovery.

Benefits of Sports Massage

The benefits can be broadly categorised into Physiological and Psychological processes and the interaction between the two.

Essentially, in a nutshell, the role of the Sports Massage Therapist is to deliver  safe and effective massage to meet the athlete’s specific needs. The therapist’s role usually involves  before sporting event, after sporting event, injury prevention, or massage in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.  Contact Ivy today with any questions regarding sports massage therapy.

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