What are the 5 benefit of getting a massage in the Winter

What are the 5 benefit of getting a massage in the Winter

Staying fit during the winter season comes with a long list of unique challenges and obstacles, but staying injury free can take even more of an effort when you introduce new, winter-specific activities like skiing, skating and sledding into your fitness routine. Before the winter activity season is in full swing, take steps today to warm up and loosen your muscles so you can hit the slopes or the rink pain free, as well as minimize after-activity soreness and fatigue.

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, there are two common types of stretching – static stretching and dynamic stretching – that are good for promoting overall flexibility. Research indicates that holding a static stretch for 20-30 seconds allows your muscles time to relax and elongate, thereby increasing joint range of motion. Dynamic stretching on the other hand includes low intensity exercises that mimic sport specific movements. These types of stretches are good for warming up your body prior to a sports activity, as they help increase circulation, reduce muscle tightness and help your nervous system’s ability to contract muscles forcefully.

To kick off your winter pre-season regimen, it’s a good idea to combine consistent stretching sessions with regularly scheduled monthly massages 8-12 weeks prior to the start of your favorite wintertime activity. Regular therapeutic massages prior to your desired activity allow your body to release the toxins found in tight muscles, while increasing overall flexibility and circulation. Additionally, your massage therapist can assess and monitor your body’s flexibility range, while suggesting specific stretches and other techniques that will focus on lengthening and strengthening your body’s problem areas.

Do you, your body, and your health a favor… get a massage in the winter.

1. Massage therapy is known to boost your immune system.  Studies show that regular massage therapy can boost the body’s number of “killer cells”, making it easier to fight off the many communicable diseases that float around in the Winter months.

2. Lower back pain, in particular, is a common injury culprit in the winter as you can overdo it shoveling snow, incorrectly bending over to push your children’s sleds or accidently slipping and falling on ice covered sidewalks. In fact, research indicates that 70-85% of the population will experience low back pain at some point and lower back pain is one of the most common and costly musculoskeletal problem in modern society. Luckily, research supports that massage therapy can minimize pain and disability, while increasing the speed of return to normal function.

3. With shorter, drearier days ahead, Winter can leave you feeling tired and worn out. A good deep tissue massage, can be relaxing as well as uplifting.  Massage therapy is an inexpensive way to beat the winter blues and is a healthy way to relieve stress.

4. With Winter comes dry air, and with dry air comes dry skin.  Massage therapy is proven to stabilize the collagen in your skin and also helps maintain your skin’s elasticity.  Also, whatever type of medium your therapist uses, from lotion to creams to butters, helps to moisturize your skin.  There is a reason why my shea butter budget doubles in the Winter months:)

5. Massage when coupled with warm elements help to warm the body and the soul. I incorporate heated elements in the winter months.  Using a heated pad on the table, hot towels, or hot stones in a  massage help to warm cold, rigid muscles and fascia which allows you to get the most out of your massage session.

Go ahead and book your appointment now. Trust me, you will deserve it.

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