Massage is a pampering treat as well as a therapeutic one

Massage is a pampering treat as well as a therapeutic one

On gray winter days, reaching for a chocolate bar or a glass of wine may seem like a quick fix for the blues.  A healthier antidote for the bone-chilling cold: a massage. The soothing aromatherapy, combined with a head-to-toe deep tissue massage, pampers dry skin as well as rejuvenates and refreshes the body. A massage can boost your immune system during cold and flu season

Benefits range from simple stress reduction to improved circulation, pain relief, and enhanced sleep quality.

More traditional massages, such as Swedish (which uses long gliding strokes and kneads individual muscles), sports therapy (focuses on overuse areas), and deep tissue (slow strokes and deep pressure on tissues and muscles), are all popular massage treatment options. Which one would work best for you today:

  • Hot stone therapy: In this, the therapist places smooth and water heated stones on certain parts of the body. The heat that is generated by the stone works fine on the body and is especially very effective during winter.
  • Traditional massage: It is a dry massage that incorporates stretching of body parts which improves the blood circulation of the body.
  • Shiatsu: It is another dry massage which only focuses on the release of muscle tension, which ultimately gives you deep relaxation. It is a Japanese technique, which involves working on back body with pressure.
  • Traditional Balinese: It is an oil-based massage – a combination of acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy. It helps you during winters by stimulating circulation. The problem of joint pain is also taken care of.

The type of massage you choose, depends on the desired outcome you’d like to achieve. I use tools gained from my experience and education to treat clients. When you’re fighting harsh, below freezing temperatures day in and day out during the winter season, you may feel like your body is continually chilled to the bone. To help fight off the effects of the frigid weather on your body and your soul, I suggest implementing a regular massage therapy routine.

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